JVTA 日本映像翻訳アカデミー

We are committed to introducing anyone who dedicated a large part of their lives to English learning to a profession that will help them realize full potential. Since the Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy (JVTA) was founded, it was our one and only mission.

Changing times drive the growth of visualmedia translation needs

Established in 1996, the Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy (JVTA) is a Tokyo-based school specialized in training professional visualmedia translators and providing work for them. In order to adapt to the increase in media channels, JVTA has cultivated many professionals who bring fascinating video content from around the world to a Japanese audience, which led to the establishment of the Los Angeles branch in 2008.
Not only are two major shifts ― globalization and digitalization ― driving the demand for visualmedia translation, but the market for visualmedia translation is booming as corporations, public interest groups, universities, and other entities shift toward communicating via visualmedia content.

Since the implementation of the Cool Japan Strategy, the Japanese government has ignited a vast business expansion helping creators bring rich visualmedia content like films, dramas, and anime to the world. At the forefront of this trend, JVTA established a curriculum for Japanese-English visualmedia translation in 2008 at both the Tokyo and Los Angeles campuses. Many of the professionals involved in visualmedia translation for Japanese content are our alumni.

The Media Translation Center (MTC) is a division that was established to further the professional careers of our graduates who have passed our translation trial. We handle a wide variety of video content in Japanese and other languages, including video for broadcast, theater screenings, internet streaming, and much more. We can cover nearly any genre imaginable, including but not limited to entertainment, news, documentaries, and corporate videos. At MTC, all visualmedia translation jobs that we receive from our clients get assigned to our graduates to work on as professional translators.

Growing a new generation of global communicators ? The Global Publicists

As the build up to the 2020 Olympics gathers pace, it has become increasingly important to deliver clear and correct information that transcends borders. Japan is in need of global communicators who are able to deliver the magic of Japanese culture and service to those unable to speak the Japanese language. In 2016, JVTA, a school that has been developing Language Professionals for over twenty years, created the Global Communication Arts Institute (GCAI). The Academy provides its students with the tools to deliver their own original message to the globe after understanding the background and context of their respective target. The balanced curriculum matches classes on fundamental communication techniques such as speaking and writing, with lessons on the skills behind effective presentation as well as PR video creation. We believe that GCAI’s Global Publicists will take these communication skills and be the ones to forge ahead and make a statement on the global stage.

JVTA truly believes that its visualmedia translators and global publicists are the ones with the skills and awareness to professionally handle this generation’s ever-increasing communicative needs.

We at JVTA welcome anyone with an appreciation for the changing times, who is looking to enrich society with a unique set of skills and pursue a career as a linguistic professional.