Visual Media Translation
(English/Other languages to Japanese)

Service overview

We deliver fast, high-quality translations using visual media translation technology and expertise nurtured through years of experience. Our Tokyo and Los Angeles offices provide translation services across a variety of genres, from entertainment to corporate content. We also handle production-related tasks such as subtitle editing, video editing, voice actor assignment, and voiceover recordings.

  • Subtitle translation
  • Voiceover translation (including dubbing)
  • Subtitle editing, recording voiceovers, and video editing
    *Voiceover services include narration for corporate videos and other genres

Our strengths


Top-notch quality from highly-skilled professionals

At JVTA, we train visual media translators into highly-skilled linguistic professionals who can render your vision into subtitles and voiceovers. We can handle large-volume projects with short turnaround times by utilizing our comprehensive toolbox of resources. Our full-time in-house visual media translation project managers guarantee top-notch quality.


Development and implementation of AI subtitle translation tool “Subit!”

We utilized our years of subtitling expertise to develop and implement Subit!, an AI subtitle translation tool that automatically generates Japanese subtitles for videos with English audio. It is the first of its kind in Japan. By combining this with post-editing by professional translators, we can achieve quick turnaround and reductions in cost.


Robust information security system

We have acquired ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, the international standard for information security management systems (ISMS). We ensure thorough information security management to protect the valuable data entrusted to us by our clients. This includes the signing of nondisclosure agreements with all translators and ongoing staff training.




Contact us by using the inquiry form on our website or by phone.



We will go over your order, concerns, conditions, and objectives in detail.



Based on the consultation, we will present a reasonable estimate with the shortest delivery time that meets your conditions and objectives.


Finalize order and begin Translation

An experienced project manager will select a translator with expertise in the field, who will begin working on your translation.



The translation will be delivered to you in a fast and secure manner. We can also make modifications after delivery upon consultation.

Price List

We will provide a quote based on your requests and requirements. Please contact us for details.

Media Translation

* The rates below are rough estimates. The price will change depending on the content, length, and delivery date of the project.

English→Japanese Other Languages→Japanese
Subtitle Translation 15,000 yen/10 mins 20,000 yen/10 mins
Voice Over Translation 15,000 yen/10 mins 25,000 yen/10 mins
Dubbing Translation 20,000 yen/10 mins 25,000 yen/10 mins
Source Language Transcription 6,000 yen/10 mins 8,000 yen/10 mins

* The prices above are tax-included.
* The prices above are for projects with complete scripts available.
* The prices above include subtitle timing.

Other Translations

* The rates below are rough estimates. The price will change depending on the content, length, and delivery date of the project.

English→Japanese Other Languages→Japanese
Raw Footage Translation 10,000 yen/10 mins 15,000 yen/10 mins
Text Translation 15 yen/word 15 yen/word
On-site Translation 6,000 yen/1 hour 8,000 yen/1 hour

* The prices above are tax-included.